Public Beta Feedback/Bugs

List any bugs, quality of life issues, etc here as it pertains to the Beta site.

Images and explanations are welcome as well as it helps our team to address any issue during this Beta!

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I am on the app right now and I can see that the price of Luna is not correctly tracked, indicating 63.51$ while it is currently at 60.58$.

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I also noticed something else. I have put bids on bLuna and switched to bEth to bid again (nice improvment btw, very user friendly). Until here everything goes fine but once I validate my bidding amount by clicking “bid on bEth market”, the cirle appears and disappears without opening the terra station and thus I cant validate my bid. I don’t know if I am clear ? Note that it does not happen when I refresh my page and go straight to bEth pool to bid. Only when 1) bid and validate my bid on bLuna market and 2) switch to bEth, bid and try to validate.

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Dev team is on it, for a bit of clarification for the 2nd one, your bid is still showing correct whenever you refresh?

The thing is that it does not validate the bid because it does not open the terra station. So when I refresh I have to do it again. For any other bids done before, they are still showing correctly, no problem with that.

Hmmm could be an extension issue as well as sometimes whenever the extension hangs it disconnects.

Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting your terra station?

Lemme see if I can repelicate it on my end

Yeah let me know because I tried again after having closed chrome, disconnect and reconnect the station but it does the same.

Another reason it may not pop up instantly, try clicking the extension itself and opening it. The extension has a tendency to hang so an instance remains where the browser thinks its still open when in fact its closed. Happened to me before

well after multiple tries it just worked now. So don’t know what happened. Sorry for that !

No worries, its most likely a Terrastation extension issue. Whenever your browser hangs or crashes, you can always just reopen your extension and your previous tx should pop up.

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Hi everyone, i had bid of bLuna at 25% premium but the table show that my order is at 5% premium. please fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

And also a suggestion, for new user, the concept of aUST is quite difficult to understand. It would be best if we can check the history of deposit (and withdrawal) of ust(or aUST) into Anchor protocol from your webapp.

Hi Martin, welcome aboard!

The “Market Bids” table’s colored row is actually linked to the premium you’ve got in the bid form, it doesn’t have anything to do with your current bids (yet)!

If you look up just a bit you’ll see you actually have an order set at a 25% premium. Clicking on it will let you see the individual details.

Just a FYI, we’re working out a small issue with Wallet Connect.
Connecting using this might be wonky for a few hours still.

UPDATE: Fix is in and everything looks okay on our side, let us know if you encounter any issue!

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Hey ! The historical Liquidations table is not updating since mid-march. No sAvax tab as well even though I am not sure that a liquidation already happened on sAvax. So not up-to-date on purpose maybe?

Hey Mout!
The team is hard at work on a new version of the application with an increased scope for the analytics.
Until this is done, updating the analytics on the current version of the website requires some manual work on our side.

Check back in a few hours, I’ll take care of it! (btw, thanks for the twitter thread)

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