Public Beta Ideas Brainstorm

Beta users can post and discuss any wanted features on our UI as well as help brainstorm new ideas that you want!


I’m wondering if Lighthouse is able to do something similar to Anchor Guard with the simulation of how much of the existing Bids will fill up given a certain price. That is quite useful.

To take it a step further, we could actually show the (live) LUNA price our bids will be filled at the premiums we choose - using the live data from Alpha Defi, we’re able to approximate the Liquidation Price at each premium. I’m currently doing the manual calculations on my own as I’m placing bids but it would help if it’s automated and displayed on the spot.


Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to automate the liquidation process into UST. I mean, if I bid 100UST to bLuna at 5% for instance, then if I win the bid I get some bLuna… which I have to claim, then I need to go to terrastation or astroport and convert into UST to get 105UST (roughly)… Can all this process be automated instantly when the bid is won?


Can’t say too much right now, but we have something in development in regards to automating and streamlining this entire process for users, all you’ll have to worry about at the end of the day would be just UST. :slight_smile:

I agree kinda we should be able to choose between automatic and manual but both have their usefulness i entirely agree