Public Beta UI Guide

Welcome to the Public Beta of Lighthouse Defi’s suite of Defi applications. The first application within our suite is an inclusive UI to interact with the Terra Ecosystem’s Liquidations and Savings protocols provided by Anchor. We aim to make Lighthouse your Defi Home!

Below is a quick start guide to get acquainted with our UI and allow you, the User, a fast-onboarding process.


You can change your gas fees just in case network fees change!

  1. Users connect their wallets (mobile or desktop) through the Terra Station or Wallet Connect chrome extensions. see below

  1. Once connected, your wallet information will be displayed here:

2a. Your assets (Luna/UST) and bonded assets are displayed with up-to-date price feeds for each asset. (Don’t worry, we’ll add more assets upon feedback!)

  1. Your current liquidation bids will be displayed here as well as an accessible button to bring you to our liquidations page.

  2. Further down, your Savings/Earn deposit will be displayed as well as your current yield generated from Anchor:

Liquidations Page:

  1. The current bid slots open at each discount/premium rate are displayed here. (We initially chose only to display the most active used bid pools but based on feedback, we can display all slots to 30%).

  2. You can switch between the two current bAsset bid pools, bLuna, and bEth (shown below).

  1. Here is where you can deposit your UST into the Liquidations Contract with your chosen discount rate. Remember to leave some UST in your wallet to ensure your Gas fees are paid, and your transaction goes through!

  2. Any time your liquidation bid is filled, the reward is displayed here! Currently, with this Beta, all liquidations will be commission-less.

  1. Your current active bids are displayed here. (Remember your bid will have a short activation period before it becomes fully available to be used for liquidations, be patient!)

  2. The current market bids are displayed here in a listed format. The premium/discount rate will be on your left. The current bids within each slot are displayed in the middle, and cumulative number of bids deposited is displayed on your right (think of this like market depth).


  1. You can switch between Anchor’s Liquidations and Savings with this button.

  2. Your savings yield curve is displayed here with your potential yearly and daily interest gains. Based on your deposited amount, you can see your potential yield in UST as your expected earnings.

  3. Here is where you can deposit your UST as well as withdraw! (Currently, we have your withdrawals listed in aUST but based on feedback, we can adjust this to display both UST/aUST!)


Thank you again for participating in our Beta launch. Any questions, feedback, or discussion, you can post a topic in our Beta Feedback category in the forum.

For more detailed information about us and the overall liquidations market, please check out our Medium, and to be kept up to date on the news, stay tuned to our Twitter! Happy Hunting!

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