UI/UX Features and Updates

Hello everyone!

A new thread to showcase our progress and new features outside the various bugfixes!
You can still report issues on the dedicated thread. (many, many thanks to our eagle-eyed users who’ve already brought some to our attention)

I’d like to start off with what is a thorny subject for most Terra projects and developers: Gas & Fees.
Put them too low and your transaction will fail, put them too high and you’ll ruin your users bit by bit.

I believe some of you (especially those interacting with anchor’s liquidations contract) have fallen victim to this issue.
The market crashed a fair amount and the increase in contract usage forced us to manually raise gas cost while we finish working on our in-house gas estimation model.

Pleasure to say that this estimation model is done and now live on the application on top of your screen for both Mobile & Desktop:

Your preference will be set automatically to Optimized and saved between sessions and while you shouldn’t require anything more, you’ll be able to jack it up should the need arise. (If it does, please tell us, our devs haven’t had any issue during testing)

It is my pleasure to say that you should be saving a tremendous amount on gas 24/7 and I’ll even be pasting here some Savings transactions made using our development team’s wallet to prove our point:

Through Anchor’s UI:

Which makes for a total of 0.501314 UST.

Through Lighthouse’s UI:

Which makes for a total of 0.146895 UST.

That’s a lot of savings and we’ve got a ton more stuff on the way. Stay tuned!